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2 Point Bungee Sling 1

2 Point Bungee Sling

Mil-Tec 2 point Bungee Sling

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A long gun without a sling is like a handgun without a holster, choosing a sling that fits your mission needs, will greatly enhance your handling of the Airsoft gun, and give an authentic and professional look. This 2 Point Tactical Sling is simple, versatile, and affordable, a truly functional sling which works. This Tactical Sling is made from heavy duty webbing which is durable, yet comfortable. With 2 elastic bungee to keep the Airsoft gun close to the body but still be able to handle it.

  • Adjustable Length.
  • Large metal carabiner on both ends.
  • Dual bungee.

Color: Black
Fits: Most Airsoft long guns

Simple/Traditional sling (Two-Point)
The most familiar design, this sling design has two connection points that attach to the front and rear of the weapon, and allows the shooter to carry the weapon over his/her back, with the sling draped across the torso, around the neck or over one shoulder.


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