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Airsoft Luger P08 Parabellum Pistol Co2 legends 1

Airsoft Luger P08 Parabellum Pistol Co2 legends

Co2 Powdered Non-Blowback version of this popular Axis WWII

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Luger P08 Parabellum legends Airsoft Gun

UMAREX Legends is a brand new series in the coolest classic weapons as we all know from the movies, they are done in a very nice and solid quality.

Luger P08 or Parabellum pistol is a semi-automatic self-loading pistol introduced by Deutsche Waffen-und Munitions factory in the 1890s. It was used by the German army in the early 20th century and adopted into the German Army in 1908 hence the 08 in the name. The basic design of the gun and its variants are known by several different military names such as Luger P08 and Ordonnanzpistole 00. Best known is the Luger P08, however, to be an officer’s weapon in the German Wehrmacht during the second World War.

This gun is an all-metal construction with authentic wing safety, including removable metal magazine.


Technical details:

  • Caliber: 6mm BB
  • System: CO2 12g capsule
  • Double action trigger
  • Overall length: 216 mm
  • Barrel length: 116 mm
  • Weight: 818 grams
  • Sights: Iron sights firmly
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
  • Backup: manual
  • max. Energy: 1.0 Joule


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