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US First issue M64 Pants


US First issue M64 Pants Vietnam style pants

Our Price : €45.00 ea

US Tiger Stripe Ripstop Shirt


US Vietnam Tiger Stripe Shirt

Our Price : €39.99 ea

US Tigerstripe Pants Vietnam


US Vietnam Tigerstripe Pants Ripstop

Our Price : €34.99 ea

AK-47 Chest Rig Sturm


AK-47 Chest Rig "Sturm"

Our Price : €25.00 ea

US M67 Buttpack "Repro"


US Buttpack "Vietnam style" M67

Our Price : €16.99 ea

Repro US Army Vietnam Torch


Repro US Army Vietnam Torch "No Side plates on switch"

Our Price : €14.99 ea

Airsoftrifle, AEG, SLV, M14 , wood


Another great Value pack from ASG

Our Price : €215.00 ea

M16a1 Vietnam type


Vietnam style M16a1 Upgraded version with full metal reciever. "Does not have Orange flash hider"

Our Price : €295.00 ea

10 M16-VN Lo-Cap


10 M16-VN Lo Cap Magazine ASG Box of ten Vietnam style 20rd Mags

List Price: €49.99
Our Price : €44.99 ea You Save: €5.00 (10%)

Airsoftpistol, GBB, CO2, STI LAWMAN


Gas Blowback Co2 Powered 1911 Pistol

Our Price : €149.99 ea

Airsoftrifle, AK-47 SL, metal gearbox, wood effect


Airsoftrifle,AK-47 Sportline complete set, Complete with Battery and Charger

Our Price : €185.00 ea

US LC2 M16 pouch


US LC2 M16 pouch

Our Price : €7.50 ea

US M56 H harnes

(M56 H Harness)

US M56 H harness "issued"

Our Price : €11.99 ea

Original US M56 E-Tool Cover


Original US M56 E-Tool Cover

Our Price : €10.00 ea

Tiger Stripe Boonie

(Tiger Stripe Boonie)

Vietnam Tiger Stripe Boonie

Our Price : €11.99 ea

US Canteen "issued"

(US Canteen)

US Canteen "Issued"

Our Price : €12.99 ea

US M64 Vietnam jacket

(US M64)

US M64 Style "1st Issue"

Our Price : €55.00 ea

US Style Pistol Belt


US Army Style Pistol belt

Our Price : €9.99 ea

US Vietnam "late type" Compass pouch


US Vietnam "late type" Compass pouch

Our Price : €7.50 ea

US M1 Helmet & Woodland Cover

(USM1 Helmet)

US M1 Helmet

Our Price : €40.00 ea

Vietnam Pith Helmet


Replica Vietnam Pith Helmet

Our Price : €14.99 ea

JG XM-177 Full metal


JG-Xm-177 Vietnam Upgraded version "All black version" PIC FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Our Price : €240.00 ea

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