Operation Spearhead 155

Operation Spearhead 155


starting  in Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 8 AM – 6 PM

by FRV Airsoft

at FRV Airsoft, Loughinisland Road, Annacloy, BT30 8JJ Ballynahinch


Surrounded and outnumbered, a small group of marines are attempting to defend the Governers house while awaiting reinforcement.

The advance of Task Force intended to reinforce the marines has slowed. Hampered in the attempt to help their comrades by a mine field to one side and a well defended Argentine position on the other, will they make it through on time?

Until now the Argentine forces have had the freedom to establish defence positions on vantage points in the area and control of the temporary runway. With the arrival of the Task Force will this all change ?


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Date: Unknown
Duration: Unknown