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This replica is manufactured by Armorer Works – it is full metal, weighty, and dense. In short, it feels exactly as you’d expect it should.

Inheriting the chunky/boxy design of its real steel counterpart, one of the main things you notice when handling these pistols is how comfortable they are, and how clever their design is. Every control is within reach while holding the pistol; slide release, safety/de-cocker, and mag release. That may sound simple, but in practice, it affords superior efficiency than other guns on the market.

Compatible with WE, TM, and KJW magazines, the included mags from AW feature an improved air seal, in part due to the gas router bucking.

Featuring a fully adjustable hop-up, this pistol shoots out to about 20-30 meters accurately (man-size target).

To access your hop up, remove the magazine, rack the slide back, and push the disassembly lever down.

This allows you to slide the upper straight off the lower, revealing the hop-up adjustment (on the underside of the slide).


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