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CYGNET 20/20, 8.5″ 3 ROD


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Following in the footsteps of the hugely success Sniper and Snug range comes this, the 20/20 – a collection of bars and sticks which are completely interchangeable.

All the collars on the sticks correspond with the treads on the bars size-wise, the colors are the same and the diameter of the round bar used is consistent throughout, giving a perfectly balanced look.

One of the other key changes with the 20/20 collection to Cygnet’s original lines is that “diameter of the round bar used”.

This new chunky finish doesn’t just look great, it also means the complete range is incredibly strong and durable, but thanks to Cygnet’s connections with the stainless and aluminium world, they haven’t compromised on weight or looks. See, it’s those core values again.


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