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Evolution Recon S-10 Silent Ops “Black Version”

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Air nozzle: High  grade

Battery and Battery Charger: Not included

Body: Technopolymer Carbontech

Bushings and Bearings: Metal bushings

Cylinder: CNC Milled Aluminum

Cylinder head:  Reinforced

Gearbox: Reinforced with integrated slot for Mosfet and electronic trigger E.T.S.

Hop Up Chamber: Rotary type

Mosfet: Mosfet ready, the gearbox has a slot to install the “Oversized Mosfet Unit” art.EA0160E

Motor: High torque

Motor Grip: Tool Less Access

Piston: Reinforced with steel rack gear

Piston head: Reinforced

Rail System: Technopolymer Carbontech

Real Type Body Pins:  Yes

Selector Plate: Upgraded

Spring: High Grade

Spring guide: Quick removable without removing the gearbox from the body

Tappet Plate: Reinforced

Wiring: High flow


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