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1911- CY-F1911-5(1)

Fast Draw Holster for 1911 style airsoft pistols

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Fits Colt 1911-5″

The Cytac® Fast Draw Holster is designed for shooters’ needs: security, concealability and ease of draw. The lining perfectly fits the specific handgun;, an updated paddle rides closer to the wearer’s body, and the open top allows instinctive draw.
· Adjustable Tension
Each holster features adjustable tension to suit the user’s preferences. A wide range of available holster bodies offer specialized protection for any line of pistol.

· Low Profile
A low profile design allows for high concealability and effortless draw, an ideal replacement for a Kydex or leather holster.

· Upgraded Paddle
Upgraded material produces a softer and skin-friendly paddle for a more comfortable carry.


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