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Kryston are synonymous with the supply & manufacturer of high quality advanced hooklink materials and have been at the forefront of the market for 20 years.

Using only the highest quality materials and workmanship, Kryston has been able to bring developments of angling hooklink materials way ahead of their times, and have also played a huge part in the development of new rigs.

Silkworm is probably one of Kryston’s most easily identifiable hooklink materials due to the sheer number of years it has been available to anglers. When first launched in 1990, Silkworm took the specimen angling market by storm as it was super supple, ultra-low diameter and silky smooth, compared to the other braided materials available such as Black Spider Dacron and Gudebrod braids.

Silkworm is a neutral buoyancy material which can be made to sink very easily but is also good for fishing in silt. When used in silt, the braid darkens as the silt particles are absorbed into the fibres, as well as remaining super supple, leaving the hook bait to move around like a free offering would. Knot strength is superb with Silkworm as long as the right knots are used. I prefer to use a 5 turn Grinner knot for attaching swivels and the basic knotless knot works very well.

Due to the wide variations of breaking strains available, Silkworm can be used for virtually all braided hooklink tasks, and also for other situations where anglers would shy away from braided hooklink’s due to the diameters. I have used the 4lb and 6lb breaking strains on small rivers in the past for big Roach and Chub with success where a monofilament hooklink has resulted in no bites.


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