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Laser Cards Blocked

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No more laser transactions being taken on either of the M.I.A websites, if you still have a laser card, we recommend that you contact your AIB branch and request the new Visa Debit card. Laser cards are a major problem for e-commerce websites because they do not have any security protection, AIB have dragged their heels replacing these cards unlike all of the other banks, so protect yourself from fraud and request the new card now. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are constantly being targeted by scumbags using stolen laser card numbers, yes just the numbers that’s all that is needed to steal money from your account if you still have a laser card.
Did you know that when you Make a transaction in a retail store with your laser card, that the second slip that the shop keeps has all the information that is needed to use your card online?, so get protected, get your new debit card.


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