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General Introduction


Air Soft Guns are
replicas based on original firearms. They look and feel as their
original counterparts, and are often produced in aluminium, zinc, steel or
ABS plastic.


An Air Soft Gun is a “soft” airgun,
which means lower air pressure, and lower pellet velocity compared to a normal
airgun. Air Soft Guns fires 6mm plastic pellets, with compressed air or a
compressed gas propellant


In order to propel the pellet, the
internal parts of an Air Soft Gun have to work differently, compared
to the original firearm. The basic principles for Air Soft Guns are
that spring operated pistons are activated manually or by
electricity. Some Air Soft Guns use gas propulsion, where compressed
gas is used instead of spring operated pistons.


Manual Air Soft Guns (Spring Powered)

This type needs to be reloaded for every
shot. A spring is compressed when the sled is pulled back. When the trigger is
pulled, the spring is released and pushes the piston through the cylinder to
create air pressure. The air pressure then presses the pellet out of the barrel.
Most manual air soft guns are replicas of handguns.


Electrical Air Soft Guns (AEG)

These Air Soft Guns are fully automated
replicas. When the trigger is pulled, the Air Soft Gun will keep firing
with an impressive rate of fire. The electrical Air Soft Guns uses the same
principle as the manual versions, except that the electric versions use a small
electrical motor to pull back the piston.

Electric Air Soft Guns are often replicas
of sub machine guns and rifles, because the motor and the mechanics in the guns
are too big for the handguns.


Gas Guns (GBB: Gas Blowback)

These replicas contains a small
container for compressed gas. When the trigger is pulled on this type of
Air Soft Gun, it will fire. The gas expansion is used to propel the pellet and
reload for the next shot. Some of the gas replicas have blowback which means
that the slide will move back and forth like a real handgun when
the gun is fired.

Gas replicas have a high muzzle
velocity, and are often replicas of handguns and sub machine guns, which
are very popular for use in close quarter combat (CQB).


Muzzle Velocity

The Muzzle velocity of the pellet,
depends on the weight of the pellet and which propulsion principle the gun uses.
The Muzzle velocity therefore varies from model to model, but the typical
velocity for our Airsoft products is between 75 and 100 meters per
second (m/s).



A big difference between airsoft replicas
and real weapons is durability. Unlike real weapons, Air Soft


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