Warranty terms

Due to the nature and use of Airsoft Aeg`s and equipment, we only accept returns on
faulty products for a period of 90 days after purchase.
Your original receipt is proof of purchase & warranty start date.
Please keep it safe as if you have No receipt there is No Warranty.

In the unlikely event that you have to return a faulty item, We will either repair or
replace it at our own discretion. Items must be returned in original packaging with
all accessories. Return postage is non-refundable.

Our policy as with all retail outlets is Repair, Replacement, or Refund
If you buy an Aeg and it is not working we will repair it, if we can’t repair it we will
replace, it if we can’t replace it you will be offered a refund.

Automatic Electric Gun`s/Aeg.

All AEG`S/RIF`S from any of our main suppliers with come with 90 days parts
warranty from the original date of purchase.

All china/clone Aeg`s come with a 30-day warranty this is because they are copies of
higher spec Aeg`s and built to a budget they may look alike and but cost a lot less than
a known brand name but are in no way comparable to what they are copied from for
this reason we offer a 30-day warranty for these Aeg`s.

Every Airsoft device we sell is tested before it leaves the shop.
We also supply a certificate of the power level of the Aeg in Joules this certificate has
a serial number which corresponds to the serial on the Aeg and the date of the test.
This number is also on a tamper-proof label somewhere on your Aeg if this label is
broken or removed for any reason then the warranty is void.

If you have a problem with your Aeg, call or bring it to us we will do our best to help
If your Aeg has to be left in for repair then we will have it back to you as soon as we
have it repaired.
We repair Aeg`s on a queuing system and there is an average wait of around 7 days
provided we have parts in stock if we do not have the parts available it can take up
to 3 weeks for us to receive the parts needed.

Parts which wear due to normal use are NOT covered by warranty, these are known
as consumables and include Trigger contacts, Hop-up rubber, Motor, Springs, and
O-Rings all wear with normal use.


Batteries are not covered by this warranty as we have no control over how they are
charged or used, however if you are in any way unsure of how to charge your
battery ring or ask a member of staff for help.
As a general rule divide the power of your battery e.g. 1500mah by the output power
of your charger standard chargers are normally around 300mah to 500mah, so if
your charger is 300mah and your battery is 1500mah then around 5 hours is the
charge time.
it is very important to ensure the first charge is done correctly or the battery will fail.
Never leave a battery on charge overnight.

The use of cheap BB’S 0.12g yellow, blue, green, orange etc or any BB’S with a seam
line “will VOID the warranty as these non-polished BB’S will damage your device.

All Aeg`s require servicing or maintenance at some point if your Aeg needs a service
or repair and is not covered under warranty then there is a cost of 35.00 euro plus
cost of replacement parts.

We will only accept returns on items that have not been modified in any way. You
automatically void your warranty by dismantling your product for any reason other
than basic maintenance.
If you have a problem with your airsoft product, do not attempt to disassemble it,
return it to us and we will determine the action to be taken.
We have means of testing if a product has been dismantled by the customer and
these returned items will not be honored under our warranty.

For all returns, please contact us first.

All return post/courier costs are to be paid for by the customer

MIA reserve the right to sell off items left in for repair which are not collected within
60 days after receiving our call to say items are ready.